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Hyperconvergence Solutions

The idea behind this technology is to move away from the datacenter traditional model, where servers, storage systems and network equipment must be purchased independently and their management is conducted through specific administrators for each platform. Instead, the hyper-convergent technology allows the acquisition to be easier and management to be simpler and straightforward.

Our solutions include an integrated network structure, data optimization and unified management, which paced the hyperconvergence potential available for a variety of workloads and use cases. In this way, it allows deploying solutions for mixed workloads and virtual desk infrastructure integrated through the local or remote locations swiftly and simply.

Quick-to-implement, easy-to-manage and easy-to-scale Hyper-convergent solutions


Prepare for a very extensive range and variety of applications and operating models. Hyper-convergent infrastructure is a virtualized computing infrastructure solution that fluently combines datacenter services in only one device.


Get an integral solution that allows you to advance more swiftly and achieve digital transformation. This infrastructure allows a high automation level and the whole set is supported by the same IT provider.


Keep your data optimized and your infrastructure in line with the applications requirements. This is a software-based design integrated by x86-type hardware components, which combines hypervisor, computing, storage and storage commuting, with other services such as data protection, all in the same stack. This eliminates the need for discrete components and enables better operating efficiency.